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Tips for navigating your post-university employment journey

The neurodiverse workforce: Tips for navigating your post-university employment journey.

Specialisterne Australia helps employers understand, value, and include the unique skills and capabilities of people on the autism spectrum. In this recording, Kate Halpin, Consultant at Specialisterne Australia discusses Autism and employment, the work that Specialisterne are doing to build employers autism awareness, neurodiversity as a competitive advantage, strengths based strategies to give yourself a competitive edge, and sharing information about your disability.

Kate's strength lies in assisting organisations to create inclusive work environments which foster innovation through diversity of thought and challenges traditional recruitment processes. Kate is passionate about embedding an inclusive mindset in organisations by creating change, increasing education and awareness, influencing strategy and above all executing successful talent and diversity initiatives. Kate is particularly passionate about increasing the representation of individuals on the Autism Spectrum in the workplace and believes that by removing traditional recruitment barriers, employers have the potential to access the Autism Advantage; an untapped talent pool of highly skilled and work ready individuals.