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Civil Aviation Safety Authority

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About Civil Aviation Safety Authority

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The Civil Aviation Safety Authority Story

Safe skies for all — it begins with you.

As part of CASA, you will:

  • be part of something bigger by contributing to aviation safety
  • be engaged in challenging and varied work
  • join a workforce that values diversity and inclusion
  • have time for what counts through opportunities to balance work and life
  • be recognised for your contribution.

We are an engaged team and proud to work for CASA. We strongly believe in the vision, mission and goals of our agency. We are highly connected to CASA's values and Regulatory Philosophy that underpin all we do. We understand how our roles directly contribute to aviation safety. We are a relationship-based organisation and value the input and ideas of others.

Now is one of the most exciting times to come to CASA. There are rapid and exciting changes in the aviation sector, with the expansion of emerging technologies in the use of remotely piloted aircraft, high altitude systems, space launch and recovery activity, urban mobility, artificial intelligence and greater reliance on systems and data. This change drives the need for a diverse workforce with unique skills and capabilities focussed on future aviation systems and capabilities.

We seek and value people from diverse backgrounds and we are committed to creating an inclusive work environment. We are a respectful workplace and we expect ethical behaviour by all, aligned to our CASA values.

Through our CASA awards, people are recognised for innovation and continuous improvement, leadership at all levels, inclusive behaviour and going 'above and beyond' to assist the aviation community and colleagues.

You will be supported to manage all areas of your life in an inclusive work environment, with attractive workplace conditions, including generous and accommodating leave provisions and flexible working arrangements.

At CASA we support continuous learning and development with a comprehensive training calendar, studies assistance, certified technical training and leadership development.

You will be provided with challenging, meaningful and diverse work. If you are excited and energised by change and innovation and you are looking to make a contribution to both aviation safety and to the Australian public, join us and be part of CASA's ongoing transformation.

The recruitment process

For the application you will be required to include;

  • your resume or curriculum vitae (2-3 pages is preferred)
  • a two-page statement summarising your suitability for the role, ensuring you take into consideration position information, key capabilities and CASA Values (minimum font 11 point)
  • your academic transcript

Your two-page statement is your chance to tell us why you are the right person for the job. We want to know what you can offer CASA and how your knowledge, experience, skills and qualifications are applicable to the role.

Your application will be assessed on your ability to demonstrate that you possess, or have potential to develop, the required knowledge, experience, skills and qualifications to perform the role. Please refer to the 'Our ideal candidate' section in the applicant pack and take into consideration the CASA values and capabilities in the 'Working at CASA' section of the pack.

We are looking for examples (usually two or three) that demonstrate how you meet the skills required for the role.

You do not need to use a different example to demonstrate each of the skills required. For example, if we are looking for someone with excellent communication skills, the ability to problem solve and work as part of a team, you could use one example that demonstrates all of these skills.

Try not to duplicate information included in your resume but highlight specific examples or achievements that demonstrate your ability to perform the role.

When preparing your two-page statement, try to structure your examples using the PAR method:

  • Problem/situation/issue: Describe the problem, situation or issue that occurred. This should be detail of a specific situation and not a general comment. You should provide enough detail to allow the selection panel to understand the context. This situation is ideally from a previous job, but it can also be about volunteering, university, or any relevant event where you can demonstrate your skills.
  • Action: Describe the action you took to address or resolve the problem/situation/issue. Ensure you provide enough detail and keep the focus on you and what you did.
  • Result: Describe the outcome of your actions. Provide detail about how the problem/situation/issue was resolved, and how the result impacted on the goal/objective of the organisation or team.

Remuneration & Career prospects

Graduates will commence on the Corporate Services Level 2 Above Barrier classification, $67,999 (APS4 equivalent), and advance to the Corporate Service Level 3 Below Barrier, $76,875 (APS5 equivalent), on successful completion of the graduate development program.

Jobs & Opportunities

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