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  • 50,000 - 100,000 employees

Sharmaine Tan


  • Get into work at 9:00 – I take the train to Southern Cross station and take a brisk 10min walk to ANZ Centre @Docklands.
  • Check my calendar for emails and any meetings scheduled

ANZ Sharmaine Tan 1

  • Set goals for the day and block in time to prepare for meetings if needed.
  • Lunchtime – Have lunch with the grads based in the same building. We are a close bunch!
  • Standups – Dial into a quick 15min standup for our Grad Project (Creating a bank-wide application logging standard). This happens twice a week and we cover off what we have done, what we will work on before next standup, and any blockers/help we need.

Sharmaine Tan ANZ 2


  • Meetings with a wide range of stakeholders (most times moving between buildings), Preparing and presenting our progress through showcases.

ANZ Sharmaine Tan 3

  • Develop Testing Service’s Workflow Management Tool (JIRA Project) and Knowledge Management Space (Confluence Space).
  • Answer questions regarding JIRA/Confluence from the Tribe, whether in person, email or teleconference.

ANZ Sharmaine Tan 4

  • Teleconference meetings – Most of the team are based in Bangalore. I will join in meetings & agile ceremonies via teleconference through the Jabber application on my PC at my desk. We try to use webcam as much as possible so that we can see everyone as we talk.
  • Attend strategic planning sessions for Testing Services to better understand how our Workflow Management & Knowledge Management tools can be developed for our changing needs.
  • Coffee catch ups – ANZ has an inclusive environment and people are generally very supportive towards grads and kindly share their knowledge when approached.

AZN Sharmaine Tan 5

  • We are also supported by the grad program managers and have fortnightly catchups to help shape/guide our development pathways.
  • Work life balance – We organise an occasional after work event for us 2018 Tech grads to promote team building and also to have a bit of a laugh after a day’s work!

ANZ Sharmaine Tan 6

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