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6.30 – 6.45 AM 

Office: I’ve snoozed my alarm several times and mentally calculated if I’d take the train if I slept another five minutes. Eventually, I’m up and at ‘em, ready to start my day. I drink my first coffee – keeping track of my coffee consumption gets interesting – whilst putting on my makeup and an outfit I carefully crafted the night before. I take a deep breath of fresh air and start my day. 

8.00 AM 

Working from Home: No commute means more sleep. My alarm rings at 8.00 AM – plus or minus a few snoozes – and then I’m up and ready to drink my first coffee. Blended work means a mixture of working from home and in the office. Today, I make my way to the sweatpants side of my wardrobe – my work outfit for the day. 

ANZ Graduate Joumana just keep swimming

8.00 AM

Office: The 30-minute train ride to the office is a great opportunity to be productive. I like to check my emails and calendar to get a feel of the upcoming day – every day is different in this role. I also scan The Economist, Australian Financial Review and the Sydney Morning Herald for any important news stories. 

8.30 – 9.00 AM

Office: A ¾ filled, no-sugar cappuccino later, I head up into the office and settle in. I get my desk set up, check my emails and calendar and write my “To-Do” List for the day. I then have a quick, informal catch up with my people leader to touch base and confirm my tasks for the day. 

Work from Home: The commute to work is a short distance on work-from-home days – just a hop, skip and a jump and I’m in my study, ready to start the day. My people leader and I usually decide at the beginning of each week which days we’ll come into the office. Blended work allows for the best of both worlds and is the new way of working in a post-Covid world. 

ANZ Graduate Joumana turnstile

10.30 AM

Office: Every day is a new day in this role. Today, I have a few meetings with various stakeholders. As part of the Financial Crime Advisory team, my role is to assist in identifying potential risks and discuss controls to mitigate those risks. 

Work from Home: I tune into Microsoft Teams, a collaboration platform we use to meet and connect with our colleagues in other states and countries – this is why working from home is so easy! 

ANZ Graduate Joumana meeting

12.30 PM

Office: The office is in a prime location in the Sydney CBD – with a plethora of options to suit all cravings and preferences. I head into Pitt Street to grab some food and then meet some other grads from a range of different teams and divisions. I enjoy learning about the different opportunities that exist so that I’ve widened my exposure when it comes to choosing my next rotation.

Work from Home: Working from home is a fantastic way to develop and build a great relationship with your fridge! It’s lunchtime. Even though I’ve already made many trips to the kitchen and eaten different snacks, I whip something up and put my favourite show on Netflix before I get into the second half of the day. 

ANZ Graduate Joumana catch-up

1.30 PM

After some lunch and chatting with my grad friends, I check my inbox; it’s usually full by this time of the day. I respond to my emails and liaise with colleagues in different business units on their queries about policies and regulatory obligations. 

My next meeting is a fortnightly catch up with external industry leaders in a forum to help combat child exploitation. We share insights around risk flags and efforts to identify and monitor potential offenders.  

3.30 PM 

It’s coffee o’clock – this time I grab a piccolo and prepare for the next set of meetings. These are with a wider group with expertise in sanctions-related crime. I take note of a couple of action items to ensure I complete them before the next meeting. 

ANZ Graduate Joumana coffee
5.00 PM – Office

My meetings have wrapped up for the day. I collate my notes and organise them while highlighting the remaining actions and follow-ups. I grab a quick coffee before I jump onto the train (I think I’m up to four) to head home. I wind down by watching Netflix and surfing through social media. Today was a great day!

ANZ Graduate Joumana going home 
6.30 PM

I get ready for my role as an assistant Tae Kwon Do instructor and head into the Dojo for my class. Tae Kwon Do is a great way for me to be active, release some steam and develop my leadership skills. After class, dinner is served, I get my next dose of Netflix and reality TV. I prepare my things for the next day and then I’m off to bed!