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Rahul Kadam

The most important qualities that will be useful as a graduate are teamwork, can-do attitude, openness to learning, passion to engage in the community, and a big smile on the face is important to succeed.

What's your job about?

I recently joined ACT public service as a graduate and currently, I am in my third rotation as a “Service Now Administrator” with Shared Services directorate. As a Service Now Administrator, my duties are to design, develop, build, customize applications and provide support to end-users of the platform. My duties also involve granting access to employees and troubleshooting issues. 

In my first two rotations, I worked in the SmartForms team with Chief Ministers, Treasury, and Economic Development Directorate as a Smartforms designer and support person. My day-to-day duty was to design, develop, test, and deploy forms that are used by the public in their everyday life. 

As a graduate I am currently exploring different directorates and working in multiple roles which offers me a challenging and rewarding experience.

What's your background? 

I was born in India and raised in a small village of the western peninsular region of India in a farmer's family. After completing my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering in 2013, I was exploring all available career options but from my young age, my dream was to travel abroad for 

Studies to get a higher education. After initial research, I understood that studying abroad is like crossing all my boundaries, especially considering education expenses but I was determined so took a big leap in my life and started applying to Universities in Australia.

In the year 2014, I got an offer from the University of Canberra for a "Master of Information Technology and Systems" and in Feb 2015 I arrived in Canberra. I felt the same warmth, importance, and meaning as my hometown when I arrived for the first time in Canberra and to date, it never gave me a chance to think about settling in other cities. After my master’s degree, I engaged in community services, and with the same passion, I joined State Emergency Services as a volunteer which allowed me to lend helping hands to society, and providing it would mean making a better life for someone. 

After receiving my Permanent Residency, I decided to work for ACT Public Service which allowed me to engage genuinely with the community and manage the resources entrusted to the government honestly and responsibly. Around this five-year journey, I kept myself motivated to dream big no matter what situation I am in. I believed in myself, failures taught me powerful lessons and eventually allowed me to stand and fight back.

What characteristics or skills should someone have when it comes to your job?

Any Information Technology or Computer Science degree would be a great fit here. THE role I am working in requires an understanding of different areas of the IT sector such as knowledge and experience in multiple programming languages, database knowledge, and a basic idea of project workflow processes. 

The most important qualities that will be useful as a graduate are teamwork, can-do attitude, openness to learning, passion to engage in the community, and a big smile on the face is important to succeed.

What's the coolest thing about your job?

As I said I work as Service Now Administrator, one of my duty includes granting access to new employees so I feel very interesting to help them to onboard in ACTPS. As an IT guy I get to work remotely most of the time, so that’s a very flexible part of my job. I just need my laptop, network connection, and a good coffee so I can work from anywhere and fulfill my duties. 

What are the limitations of your job? 

Before joining ACTPS I worked in multiple casual jobs that involved physical work. Currently, my work involves sitting in front of the computer and completing my regular duties, so I think that’s a limitation of my job I am facing right now. To overcome this, I make sure I get my daily walks whenever I get a break and have spare time from my work. 

What is the most interesting thing you have worked on in your career with the ACTPS so far? 

As in my first two rotations, I was working in a SmartForms team which was very active and busy in responding to COVID-related projects and I was part of it. As a graduate, I completed most of the tasks which were very important with urgent deadlines, whatever I used to work on was getting announced by ministers as our next plan to tackle pandemic so I was proud that I was part of the helping hand to people that were out and affected with COVID.

Why I chose the ACT Public Service 

There are two reasons behind the question that why I chose ACTPS. Firstly, as a government employee, I contribute to the local community whilst working in a dynamic, fair, and flexible environment. Working here gives me a broad range of options to develop my career along with making a difference in people's lives. Secondly, work-life balance in ACTPS keeps me happy and energised all the time, flexible working arrangements allow me to take care of my hobbies and look after my family very well.

What are 3 pieces of advice you would give yourself when you were a student?

  1. Success will not always make you feel you have a meaningful life, so try doing something that benefits others and makes you happy.
  2. Invest in experiences more than things because experiences will make you happier than things do.
  3. Always be open to change, as it will lead you to new opportunities and experiences.