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Laura Rayner Smith

5.30 AM

Wake up, get dressed and take my dogs for a walk. It’s winter in Canberra so I’m wearing thermals as well, unfortunately my dogs aren’t so lucky.


6.30 AM

Get home, get dressed and ready for the day. While my wife gets the coffee and breakfast ready, I wake up our toddler and get her dressed.

7.00 AM

Breakfast with the family

7.45 AM

My wife and toddler say their goodbyes as they leave for work and daycare. I do a quick tidy of the house before practicing piano.

8.30 AM

It’s the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, so I’m working from home today. I login for the day and go through any emails I haven’t seen yet. I check my bullet journal for any tasks from yesterday that I need to get done and jot down anything new that needs to get done.

9.00 AM

My supervisor, Deirdre calls on Microsoft Teams. She compliments my dog that is asleep behind me, and we chat about the priorities for the day ahead. After our team meeting, I’ll be facilitating my first Consensus Meeting.

9.30 AM

I get all my documents ready for the Consensus Meeting. Today I’m working with Justice and Community Services (JACS) on a tender around Justice Housing programs. I check over the checklists and scoring documents that the JACS Evaluation Team have sent to me and consolidate it all.

10.00 AM

The whole team jumps on to Microsoft Teams for our daily catch-up. The Senior Directors give a quick update, we go around the virtual room and give updates on what we are working on, any issues, and ask for help where we need it. I haven’t met my team yet in person, but by seeing each other every day I really feel like I know them.

10.45 AM

I take a break to go for a walk around the block and make a coffee and grab some biscuits. We have a lot to discuss in the Consensus Meeting and I’m a bit nervous!

11.00 AM

Consensus Meeting time – I lead the Evaluation Team through the criteria for this tender, and note down the comments they have. They have scored each of the criteria from each response from 0-10, and they need to agree on the number before I can send the Tender Evaluation Report through for approval. I lead them through discussion of each criteria and ask clarifying questions when there is disagreement. Once they have reached a consensus, I share the pricing for the response, and we talk through any issues. I’m very lucky – the Evaluation Team I’m working with are experts in their fields, so I have learned a lot about Justice Housing during this tender process!

12.00 PM

Thankfully a reasonably short meeting today – we had one that took two three-hour meetings previously! I take a break for lunch.

1.00 PM

Back online, and I have another call with Deidre to discuss how the meeting went, and she gives me any feedback on how my facilitation went. I send through my notes to the meeting attendees in case I’ve missed or misrepresented any major points.

1.30 PM

Start working on the Tender Evaluation Report. This is the report that summarises all the information from all the tender responses and provides a recommendation to the financial delegate as to what decision they should make. I have a few questions, so I ask in my team’s Microsoft Teams chat for advice.

3.30 PM

Time flies when you are having fun! My calendar reminds me that it is time to step away from the computer and stretch. I take a break to do some yoga and make another coffee.

3.45 PM

I take a bit of a break from Procurement, and work a little bit on the Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate (CMTEDD) Graduate project. Traditionally we run a Trivia Night, but due to COVID this was canned. Instead we are working on a socially-distanced Wellbeing Challenge. Today I am working with one of the other Graduates on drafting up emails that will have different challenges and wellbeing tips. These emails will go through for executive approval before going out to the entire directorate.

4.30 PM

My wife and toddler are home for the day, so I have some company for the rest of the afternoon. The toddler sits on my lap and occasionally tries to click my mouse while I finish off my work for the day. I start planning out what my priorities will be for the next day in my bullet journal.

5.00 PM

I update my time sheet, send a “goodbye!” message to my team, and log off. It’s time to feed the animals, cook dinner, and spend a bit of time together before bath and bedtime.